8 Essential Kitchen Gadgets For College Dorm Room

Are you student staying in a college dormitory? As a college student, you may be on a very tight budget and not be able to afford to splurge on big ticket items when it comes to cooking.

If so, check out these useful kitchen gadgets that will help eat healthy, yet inexpensive food.

An inexpensive chef’s knife!

Knives are useful for literally everything things, even if technically there are more proper / specific knives. You don’t need many knifes for your dorm, but only one or two are sufficient at most. The chef’s knife is great to cut any kind of veggie, fruit, meat, etc. The chef’s knife makes cooking and prepping a lot easier and faster with the sharp blade. I recommend Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife from Amazon. It’s incredibly sharp, feels great in your hands and offers the best bang for your buck!

A crock pot to cook everything!

The is one vessel that’s capable of cooking everything from making rice, soups and broths, meat, chicken and pork. How wonderful that you can put all your ingredients in the cooker in the morning and when you come back from college in the afternoon, dinner is ready! It’s the ultimate “set it and forget” piece of equipment. Crock pot meals take minimal effort and planning. It can feed for yourself or group of friends. The best thing about slow cooker is the programmable feature, that automatically keeps the food warm when it’s finished cooking. Check it out on Amazon

A strainer for veggies & pasta!

Love having pasta in your college dormitory? You can now strain pasta from the boiling pot by simply holding the pot’s handles and not have to hold a strainer in place — no more burned hands! This clever, little kitchen accessory takes very little storage space and is useful for straining rice / pasta / hot potatoes / veggies and much more. Check out the price at Amazon

4. Can opener

Imagine sitting in your dorm, watching the baseball on TV and grabbing a can of coke to open, only to discover you have no way of opening it. This little can opener that takes up very little room – so really handy in a dorm room. It takes the lid off, rather than cutting through metal to avoid sharp edges. Great to open all kinds of canned foods – from soups to tuna

5. Mixing bowls

No matter what kind of cooking you’ll get into at college, it’s important to keep various sizes of bowls around so you can create pretty much anything you’d like. You’ll love them for several tasks and the nonslip bottom will save from several messes. Sturdy and easy to clean, just pop them in the dishwasher

6. Tea Kettle

This is a small water boiler mostly for making hot beverages like tea, coffee and soup, noodles, hot chocolate, etc. It’s pretty small and does not take too much space and it boils water much quicker than the microwave!

7. Stainless Steel Travel Mug – to keep you going through entire day

See this travel mug on Amazon

This travel mug has a double walled exterior with a vacuum between the walls. This means the temperature of your drink has no medium for the heat or cold to transfer through. Your drink will stay as hot or cold as possible. It’s made of high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel metal, is rust resistant and will not retain flavors from previous drinks like plastic bottles do.

Available with officially licensed logo that’s resistant to scratching and fading of your favorite college teams – Boston College, UC Berkeley, Oregon State University, West Virginia and many more. What’s not to like? It keeps coffee or tea hot and iced drinks stay cold forever. Plus – it’s got your favorite collegiate team on it!

8. Ramen cooker – The perfect way to prepare your choice of Ramen noodles!

The ramen cooker cooks noodles perfectly in 3 minutes and work great in the little dorm microwaves! It’s compact, super convenient, easy to clean and the sides don’t get hot. Perfect for a quick snack that cuts down on dishes. One can purchase several of these to enjoy with friends. Grat for any college student who eats lots of ramen noodles. Just put the noodles and water into the cooker, cook in microwave for 3 & half minutes and finally adding the seasoning, everything is done in 4 minutes tops! This inexpensive and very handy product was born out an idea from the TV show “Shark Tank” and has already sold over 4 million units!

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