Best Oven Mitts for Cast Iron

Burning your hands in the kitchen or at the grill is no fun! It does not matter what type of burn it is. Be it – scalding from hot steam, picking hot dishes or searing from oven racks. Doesn’t matter. You need a way that you know will protect your hands and wrists!

If you frequently cook with cast iron pans & skillets, then it’s very idea to invest in comfortable gloves. They give you extra protection from burns and scalds during all of your cooking activities.

Too many people suffer burns when cooking on a cast iron skillet, barbecue grill, in the oven, on the stove or over an open fire. Don’t let that happen to you!

Here are top 5 Best Oven Mitts for Cast Iron

HOMWE Silicone Oven Mitts

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These are Oven Mitts are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and are ideal for all of your baking, grilling and cooking needs. They are made from 100% FDA-approved silicone, making them non-toxic and waterproof. You won’t feel even a bit of heat, even when the skillet is heated to nearly 500°F. The rugged texture of the mitts exterior give them exceptional gripping power to enable grasping any pot or pan without slips or spills. On the inside, they have a soft quilted lining and are flexible for east of use.

If you’re super afraid of being burned, then these oven mitts will make you feel safe when reaching while cooking on cast iron. They reach all the way up the the arm and makes you feel like holding a very thick towel. The extra long mitt also protects the arms from accidental spillage and helps reach deeper into the oven to grab large sheets of food or when grabbing hot dishes. When it is time to clean up, simply throw them into the washing machine or dishwasher or wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Overall, these are great mitts to deal with cast iron, hot baking pans and oven racks. You no longer have to ever dread burn your fingers! They are easy to clean and come in many stylish colors such as – red, blue, black, gray and turquoise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these oven mitts lined all the way through to finger tips?
Yes, the lining goes all the way into the mitt. The silicone extends to the finger tips on front and backside of gloves.

Q. Where are these HOMWE oven mitts made?
These oven mitts are made in China.

Q. I have never used Silicone, why are these better then the traditional padded cloth oven gloves?
They are much more durable and hold up longer. If hot liquid splashes out, it’s not a problem, whereas with a cloth mitts, you get the full heat.

Q. Do these have a loop to hang them up?
Yes they have it inside the top part of each glove.

Q. Is this a pair or single mitt?
It’s a pair.

Grill Armor Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

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These Grill Armor Gloves can protect your hand from extreme heat up to 932°F! Whatever you need your hands protected from, these gloves got you covered! The exterior super-grip silicone provides complete control when carrying hot & heavy items while the interior 100% cotton lining gives the best comfort & feel for an unmatched user experience.

The comfortable thick but lightweight, five-finger designed gloves are insulated by M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID fabrics (same as Nomex and Kevlar) so it will not catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame. These all-in-one barbecue gloves are elegantly designed, easy-to-clean, machine washable and come with a handy hook for easy storage. These oven gloves are made to last and were designed with the highest quality materials to protect your hands from unwanted burns and uncomfortable heat. They are available in 4 colors – blue, black, red and grey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do these gloves have flame resistant coating?
Yes, the Grill Armor oven gloves are flame resistant dew to the M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID fabrics(same as Nomex and Kevlar)

Q. Is this for one glove or two?
These come with a pair (two gloves) of gloves.

Q. Can you hang these up on a hook?
Yes! The gloves include hanging loop to hang on a hook.

Q. What is the best way to wash the gloves?
You can wash your gloves in any laundry machine or by hand with other like colors. The preferred program is Cotton 40°C.

Triumphant Chef Silicone Oven Mitts

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These are comfortable silicone mitts that offer excellent protection. You won’t feel any heat even after cast iron skillet comes out of a broiling (500+ degrees) oven through the gloves. They’re the best, most protective mitts you’ll ever use with cast iron cookware.

You can wear them to move hot juicy pieces of meat and other hot foods. This heat resistant oven mitts are made from 100% FDA grade silicone for the construction of the outer silicone shell. The outer layer is also waterproof and oil proof to protect against spills and let you work with food in liquids or pickup large pieces of foods like roasts. The inner layer is made from 100% cotton fabric with polyester fill that gives you even more protection from the heat. So, no need to worry about any steam or liquid coming from the meat.

After you’re done with cooking, they are easy to clean as well. Just turn on the faucet and apply a little dish soap and rub them briskly together until you have both sides of each mitt covered in suds (froth made from soap and water). Then rinse and inspect. Do a second wash if you missed anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do these have fire retardants added?
Inside the fabric? No. The silicone that covers the entire outside of the mitts are not flammable. If you get flame inside where the fabric is, your hand would already be burned.

Q. These oven mitts include silicon blush in the package. How can I use it for the mittens? Is it just a gift?
The brush is a baster used to slather on BBQ sauce or whatever on meats you are cooking on the grill. Free gift with the gloves!

The ‘Ove’ Glove

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These pack of 2 comfortable gloves are for both left and right hand. The gloves can withstand extreme heat temperature up to 540 degrees F. The Ove Glove is perfect for the kitchen, barbeque and handling hot surfaces around the house. The Ove Glove’s exterior layer is made of heat and flame material used by firefighters. The interior layer is made from soft doubleknit cotton. The tough exterior of this glove forms a thermal isolation barrier, slowing the temperature increase in the interior layer of soft doubleknit cotton. When exposed to an open flame, the outer layer of glove does not catch fire and does not melt. These gloves are machine washable.

If you cook with cast iron a lot, then this is the perfect gloves for keeping a grip on heavy HOT items. They are comfortable and definitely keep the heat out. Using these gloves, you don’t feel the heat generated by cast iron that’s been baking at 500 degrees. Moreover, you’re able to maintain a firm grip, which significantly lessens the likelihood of an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you get 2 gloves in the package?
Yes, there are two.

Q. Is this Glove cut resistant?
No, only heat resistant.

Q. Where are these mitts made?
They are made in China.

Frux Black Silicone Mitts

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Measuring 13 1/2 inches long, these silicone kitchen mitts ensure that not only are your hands protected, but your forearms as well. Inside the silicone oven mitts are a soft quilted lining made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester, offering you superior protection PLUS comfort! Not only are these oven long mitts heat resistant, waterproof, durable and comfortable, they are also soft and easily movable, so you can safely grab onto things.

These oven mitts are heat resistant up to 482 F/ 250C to not only protect your hands from high temperatures but also boiling water and hot steam as well. They are easy to wash – just wash with warm soapy water, dry and put away or hang them up using the conveniently attached loop.

If you do most of your cooking with cast iron pans / skillets / dutch ovens, then you’ll notice heat does not travel through the gloves AT ALL! You won’t have to worry about handling hot handles anymore. What’s more you also feel nice about these oven mitts – almost luxurious on your hands, kinda silky and so comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are these mitts BPA-free?
Yes, ​​the silicone outer shell is BPA-free and 100% FDA approved Food Grade Silicone, making it safe for you and your family.

Q. Do you get one pair or two?
You receive 2 silicone heat resistant oven mitts with your purchase

Q. How heat resistant are these oven mitts?
They are heat resistant upto 482F or 250C.

Q. Are these mitts for left and right hands?
These oven mitts are ambidextrous, meaning they can be worn in any way.

Q. What size are these oven mitts?
The oven mitts are 5¾ inches wide and 13 1/2 inches long.

Q. Are these oven mitts waterproof?
Yes, the entire silicone outer layer of the extra long heat resistant mitts is waterproof, which can protect you from steam and grease splatter. The ​black fabric on the very end of the forearm is not waterproof but is fully washable.

So, which oven mitts did you get for your cast iron today? Let us know in the comments!

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